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Uniglobe Markets on this holy month of Ramadan offering clients very attractive Cash rewards. Apply Now 

TERMS & CONDITIONS1. UniglobeMarkets promotes Ramadan Cash Reward Offers to all its activated new Clients, subject to the terms and Conditions contained in the present document.

2. By opening a trading account during the term of this Offer, the Client acknowledges that he has read and agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions as well as by the UniglobeMarkets Trading Terms and Conditions.

3. This competition will run from 18 June till 17 July 2015. The winners will be announced on 31 July 2015.

4. The Client must send a request email to [email protected] for their inclusion in this competition and state his/her full name and Account number.

5. The competition winners will be determined by the Highest Return on the closing day of the competition. (Market closing time on 17 July 2015)

Formula to be used for winning: Net Profit/Deposits x 100 = Return

6. Five cash awards will awarded according to descending order of highest return of winning clients;


   First Place Winner 10,000 USD
   Second Place Winner 5,000 USD
   Third Place Winner 1,000 USD
   Fourth Place Winner 500 USD
   Fifth Place Winner 100 USD

7. The winning price will be credited into the client’s trading account which can be withdrawn or used for trading without any restrictions.

8. Existing clients can participate in this competition by applying for a additional account.

9. The winners of the competition are obliged to participate in the promotional events that will be organized by UniglobeMarkets in relation to the Ramadan competition. UniglobeMarkets have the right to disqualify any winner who refuses to comply by this term of the Ramadan competition.

10. Minimum participation of one hundred verified active clients is prerequisite for validity of this Ramadan Cash Reward Offer.

11. UniglobeMarkets has the right to unilaterally modify, change or terminate this offer or any of the terms and conditions of this offer, or any policies it applies in the exercise of its discretion under this offer at any time, without the client’s consent.

12. The Client acknowledges that Forex and Contracts for Difference (‘CFDs’) are complex financial products that are traded on margin. Trading CFDs carries a high level of risk since leverage can work both to your advantage and disadvantage. As a result, CFDs may not be suitable for all investors because you may lose all your invested capital. You should not risk more than you are prepared to lose. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved, seeking independent advice if necessary prior to entering into such transactions.

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