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Technical Analysis EUR/USD

Posted on මැයි 16, 2019 at 05:42 පෙරවරු

The EUR / USD exchange rate remains stable around 1.1200 and stability below the mentioned level may cause the downside move to reach 1.1100 There is an increase in bearish forces, and trading below the moving averages is also supportive of negativity. We expect attempts to fall towards 1.1100 as the first target, breaching the 1.1250 price will cause us to be concerned about these negative exp [...]

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GBP / USD Technical Analysis

Posted on මැයි 16, 2019 at 05:38 පෙරවරු

The GBPUSD continues to fall, and the pair is stabilizing around 1.2845. Stability below this price will be more negative to prove the expectations, reaching the price to 1.2750 as the primary target. But when a break of 1.2900 will fail any attempt to drop the price. Support: 1.2820 Resistance: 1.2950 Trend: The pair is trading below 1.2850 with a target of 1.2750 as long as 1.2900 is in

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USD / CHF Technical Analysis

Posted on මැයි 16, 2019 at 05:36 පෙරවරු

The pair continues to depreciate against the Swiss Franc, now settling around 1.0080. We expect an extension to the downside, and all we need today is a break of 1.0000 to prove the extension of the bearish trend. From the top, a breach of 1.0120 will make us concerned about these negative outlooks. Support: 1.0010 Resistance: 1.0100 Trend: The pair is trading below 1.0080 with a target o

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USD / JPY Technical Analysis

Posted on මැයි 16, 2019 at 05:34 පෙරවරු

We are still in the bearish direction of the USDJPY. The price is now around 109.50, the downside is likely today, but the extension of the downside move will depend on the pair's ability to break the price at 108.50, when the break of 110.00 will cause any attempt to fail. drop. Support: 108.90 Resistance: 109.90 Trend: Down below 109.50 targeting 108.50 as long as stability is maintaine

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XAU/USD Technical Analysis

Posted on මැයි 16, 2019 at 05:32 පෙරවරු

Gold continues to rise, now settling around 1296.00. Any trading above this level should be considered positive. Now, we see the rally that took place today as just the beginning of a bullish wave targeting the psychological barrier 1305.00, but we confirm that this requires stability of trading above 1290.00 Support: 1290.00 Resistance: 1310.00 Price Trend: Ascending above 1295.00 target

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