June 28, 2024

Ethereum (ETHUSD) Technical Analysis: Ethereum today is at 3451, and trading appears in an upward trend, as the price of the digital currency is trading above most of the intersections of the Moving Average indicators, and as for the MACD indicator, it indicates a positive trend.
Accordingly, the purchase process can be carried out from the rise to the price of 3475 to target the 3511 area and stop the loss at 3399.
Ethereum (ETHUSD) Technical Analysis: On the other hand
On the other hand, if the 3399 selling area is broken, the price may head to the 3373 area
Ethereum (ETHUSD) Technical Analysis: Resistance and Support Levels
• Second resistance: 3464.07
• First resistance: 3457.79
• Pivot level: 3448.89
• First support: 3433.71
• Second support: 3427.43