July 2, 2024

GBPUSD Technical Analysis today is in a weak upward trend. The pound is trading at $1.2649, and trading appears below most of the moving average intersections. As the MACD indicator indicates a negative trend, accordingly, we can look to buy from the rise to the price of $1.2660, and the target could be the $1.2680 area. It is also recommended to choose the $1.2625 area as a stop loss point to control risk.
GBPUSD Technical Analysis: on the other side
On the other hand, if the sell area at $1.2625 is broken, the pound price may head towards the $1.2613 level.
GBPUSD Technical Analysis: resistance and support levels
• Second resistance: 1.2654
• First resistance: 1.2651
• Pivot level: 1.2644
• First support: 1.2640
• Second support: 1.2634