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Gold and political decisions this week

Posted on April 16, 2018 at 08:25 AM

After the failure to trade above 1367 levels, the price of gold returned to trade in a tunnel this week and traded between 1300 and 1367. Stability and trading for a full rate above the averages is always a reason for the possibility of a big move towards the price of 1375 and the price of 1388.

The trading on gold will remain in our view sideway trend within the same tunnel , waiting next week the strongest news of 2018 , may make the price of gold tends to prices not visited since 2013.

  • Support: 1347.00 -1331.00 -3117.00
  • Resistance: 1360.00 -1367.00 -1375.00

Price Trend: Uptrend above 1367.00 with targeting 1375.00 and 1388.00 provided that it does not go for a run below 1300.

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