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Boost your Potential with a 60% Bonus Offer

Uniglobe Markets is offering its clients a generous Welcome Bonus of 60% to increase their trading volume. This exclusive bonus offer is for a limited time only, so hurry and avail yourself up to US$ 6000 as a welcome bonus to boost your trading potential by applying for a live account with Uniglobe Markets.



Increased account leverage


Higher margin level


Avail up to US$ 6000


No minimum trades requirements


Withdrawals without restrictions


Minimum deposit of USD 100

Easy, convenient, and fast

Get a 60% welcome Bonus in 3 simple steps


Open Account

Choose an account type that suits your trading style.



Make a deposit of at least $100 to your trading account to avail of this offer.


Get Bonus

Privilege yourself with a 60% Welcome bonus from Uniglobe Markets*

60% Welcome Bonus - Terms and Conditions

  • Uniglobe Markets promotes a 60% Welcome Bonus to all its activated new Clients, subject to the terms and conditions contained in the present document.
  • By opening a trading account during the term of this Offer, the Client acknowledges that he has read and agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions as well as by the Uniglobe Markets Trading Terms and Conditions.
  • To be eligible for the 60% Welcome Bonus, the Client must make a minimum deposit of USD 300 or more into their trading accounts.
  • The duration of the Credit Bonus will be two months from the day Bonus is credited to the trading account. Any Bonus amount not used within this duration will be automatically removed. If a Trading account has multiple Credit bonuses, the duration of each Bonus amount will be according to its Credit date.
  • Internal transfers are not eligible for Bonus Offer such as; from another Client/IB account.
  • The maximum Leverage available for accounts with Bonus Offer is 1:300. This Leverage can be removed or reduced without giving prior notice solely at the discretion of Uniglobe Markets.
  • The Client must send a Welcome Bonus request email to [email protected] and state his/her full name and Account number. After approval, the client will receive the Welcome Bonus.
  • The Client must request his Welcome Bonus within 5 business days of their deposit. If a client start trading before his request for a bonus is processed, the client will not be entitled to the Welcome Bonus.
  • The eligible client will be entitled to receive a 60% Welcome Bonus on any deposits (see paragraph 3) up to a maximum of USD 6000, where the maximum amount limit applies on a per Client basis.
  • The Welcome Bonus offer is limited to one account per client, regardless of the number of accounts that the Client holds with Uniglobe Markets. The client’s trading account will not be credited with the Welcome Bonus if that account is already subject to another promotion.
  • The Welcome Bonus will be held solely for increasing trading potential with Uniglobe Markets and cannot be traded or withdrawn by the Client. The Welcome Bonus may be removed in full by Uniglobe Markets from the Client’s trading account at any time or following a Client’s withdrawal request after the Welcome Bonus has been credited and immediately prior to the settlement of the withdrawal request.
  • Example of withdrawal process: (a) Client’s initial Deposit is USD 1000 (b) Welcome Bonus: USD 600 (60% of initial deposit) (c) Starting Equity: USD 1000 + USD 600 (Deposit + Bonus) = USD 1600 (d) Client made a Profit of USD 400 (e) Total Balance: USD 2000 (f) Eligible Withdrawal Amount: USD 1400 (Total Balance – Bonus)