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  • SímboloBid Ask
    EURUSD1.16576 1.16583
    USDJPY109.987 109.994
    USDCHF0.98768 0.98782
    GBPUSD1.32630 1.32642
    AUDUSD0.74400 0.74409
    GBPJPY145.871 145.900
    EURGBP0.87886 0.87904
  • SímboloBid Ask
    USOIL68.99 69.04
    UKOIL75.35 75.39
    XAUUSD1269.10 1269.28
    XAGUSD16.437 16.444
  • SímboloBid Ask
    SPX5002756.2 2756.7
    US3024602.24 24606.64
    GER3012558 12565
    AUS2006240 6243
    NAS1007198.65 7201.75
    ESP359782 9787
    JPN22522543.40 22557.50

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