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No Deposit Bonus

No Deposit Bonus



How this Offer works:

1. Like, Share and Comment on the Uniglobe Markets Facebook Post HERE

2. Open a live Trading account. (Click here)

3. Get your No-Deposit Bonus of 100 USD added to your Trading Account.


Offer Validity : This offer is valid till 31st of July 2018.


Terms and Conditions:

1. ‘No Deposit Bonus’ offer will be valid for one Calendar month only .

2. Minimum of 15 Standard Lots need to be traded before eligible for any withdrawal. ( 1 Standard Lot = 100,000 units)

3. Minimum withdrawal amount is USD 50 after meeting the above requirement.

4. Max Leverage applied to No Deposit Bonus Trading Account is 1:200. Minimum Trade lot size is 0.05. Account type for this ND Bonus offer is based on ECN with commission of $10 per lot.

5. This offer can’t be combined with any other available offer.

6. The No Deposit Bonus offer is limited to one account per client, regardless of the number of accounts that the Client holds with Uniglobe Markets.

7. The bonus funds are not available for withdrawal, however profits gained from trading the bonus funds can be withdrawn if all requirements stated here are met.

8. Maximum Profit which can be withdrawn after turnover conditions are met is equal to 100 USD. Withdrawing the profit for the first time, all the funds will be debited from the account, including the bonus itself.

9. Withdrawals from the No Deposit Bonus offer will be processed only a week after the Offer has been expired. This offer expires on  31st of July 2018. All the eligible accounts will be checked to see if they have met the required conditions of Like, Share and Commenting on the Uniglobe Markets Facebook page.

10. It is strictly prohibited to get the Welcome Bonus again by using a new registration. It is also prohibited to get the bonus if your relative or a close person has already received the bonus.

11. By opening a trading account during the term of this Offer, the Client acknowledges that he/She has read and agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions as well as by the Uniglobe Markets general Trading Terms and Conditions. If abnormal trading patterns such as use of EA’s, Arbitrage or any unethical trades are noticed in a Trading Account then Uniglobe Markets have the right to disable the Account and/or Disallow/Cancel those trades where a minimum difference between opening and closing of a trade is less than two minutes.

12. For the offer to be valid, a client need to make sure their trading account profile is fully verified as per general Terms and conditions of account opening with Uniglobe Markets.

13. If Uniglobe Markets suspects or has reason to believe that a client (whether individually or as a part of a group) has failed to comply with the terms and conditions of this offer, Uniglobe Markets is entitled at its sole discretion to (i) deny, withhold or withdraw from the client the bonus (ii) to block the Client’s account (iii) to terminate the Client’s access to Uniglobe Markets services (iv) to terminate the contract between Uniglobe Markets and the Client’s account (v) to cancel any profits generated by abusing the terms and conditions.

14. Uniglobe Markets has the right to unilaterally modify, change or terminate this offer or any of the terms and conditions of this offer, or any policies it applies in the exercise of its discretion under this offer at any time, without the client’s consent.

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