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These Forex Trading Strategies for Beginners Will Take Them a Long Way in the Financial Market

These Forex Trading Strategies for Beginners Will Take Them a Long Way in the Financial Market

ECN is actually an abbreviation for the Electronic communication network which is a term and function that is used in large proportions in the largest financial market in the world and can be undoubtedly regarded as the future for the same foreign exchange markets. Forex ECN brokers play a huge role in this process altogether.

When one begins to describe ECN, the only and best possible way to do so is by saying that it is a kind of bridge that would link participants of smaller markets to its liquidity providers, and this entire process is done through Forex ECN brokers and that is the role that they have to play in this entire process.

It is very important for you to have an idea regarding the forex trading account demo before you completely get involved in this market.

The reason behind is that forex is one of those markets that are decentralized where you will come across a lot of dealers who would get into the process of disseminating their own respective price feeds through platforms related to proprietary training. Thus it is very essential to learn the features of each of this type of the trading software before you get into sending funds to the forex trading account demo.

With technology touching the peak now a day’s, Forex Trading online has become quite a massive hit amidst the people dealing with this trade business.

Forex trading online has innumerable advantages and all of them only lead to a more successful and betterment of this currency trading mission.

There are a lot of forex trading strategies for beginners that come into this picture as well which is essential to make this mission trading productive.

You will come across a plethora of opportunities, so let us have a look at the top forex trading strategies for beginners:


The economic releases can have a huge impact on the movement of the forex market and that too from a number of countries as this takes place globally. The opportunities in the largest financial market in the world are generated from the kind of moves that are usually for a short term and are mostly caused by the new events. Events that you see being rated as “High” has a potential of a much higher magnitude which brings a lot of risks as well as opportunities for traders. The most important key factor of this new fade strategy is timing; the strategy here is to wait for at least 15 minutes before entering the trade to get optimum results. Therefore timing is everything.


This is the strategy which follows the trend where you will witness the daily candle to be sufficed within the high or low of the candle of the previous day. Traders are seen indulging in the purchasing of 1 pip above or below the high or low of the previous day and this is what the strategy become much more reliable and dependable when a large number of candles are seen to be staying within the previous day’s candles. Patience and discipline is what brings in success for the traders.


This strategy simply promotes the concept of buying when the price action is seen to be rising higher than the 200 day moving average which was simple and the MACD line is seen to be crossing above the line of signal. This strategy also advices to sell when the price action is seen going lower than the signal line around the same kind of circumstances as the one mentioned earlier. Position should be most importantly being closed when the MACD line is seen to be crossing the signal line.

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