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Regional Representatives

Regional Representatives


Our Regional representative program is targeted at experienced partners who can help us promote Uniglobe markets in their own region. A regional representative that can manage a local office and has all the basic knowledge required in the Forex industry can work under our brand and offer their services on the territory of their region. This program pays a substantial part of its profit as a reward, while at the same time expecting minimal financial and organizational costs from its representative. It is a great way of starting a serious business for people who are not ready for initial investments as the company takes charge of financial reporting and maintenance of back-office and dealing.


•  The right to work under the Uniglobe Markets brand which helps to raise trust amongst potential clients as the brand is already recognized

•  High partnership rewards (60% of the revenue that UniGlobe Markets generates from all referred users and 25% of the commission earned by all sub affiliates brought to the company).

•  Minor initial investment

•  Opportunity to create a network of own developed affiliates

•  Opportunity to create and develop a good representative web page

•  Overall support from the company: in establishing a new office, advertising and marketing activities, staff training and general assisting in the daily business activities


•  Access to a front-office and a team of experienced people

•  Plans to develop the region and aspire to work and develop the company

• Ability to cooperate with Uniglobe Markets, promote the representative web page, support clients and    carry out necessary training courses

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